Steve Green – Using HR Search Partners is an Ethical Choice

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2417dcfFor two and a half decades Steve Green has been able to call upon Nancy Zucker in times of need.  Nancy and Steve met when Steve was at a consulting firm and Nancy was a client of his.  Since then Steve speaks to Nancy and HR Search Partners first when he needs to add to his team.  Currently the Director of Recruiting for Kroll – a global provider of risk solutions – Steve finds himself covering territories in the Americas and beyond.

“Nancy will give her blunt feedback – that relationship is very rare.” This is why Steve turns to HR Search Partners and Nancy in particular for his most critical HR hiring needs.  “I work with very few firms, when you have too many they step on each other’s toes.” Its also a firm’s ethics that drew Steve to working with HRSP.  “Most firms will present candidates in such a way that they seem perfect but in reality that isn’t the case at all.”  Steve recently needed an addition to his team and turned to Nancy.  “What she presented is who he interviewed.”  Prior to the interview Nancy was available to discuss the “Plusses and minuses” of the candidate he was meeting with.  The interview resulted in a hire to Steve’s team.

Steve has seen quite a change in recruiting over the past few decades.  “When I started in recruiting there wasn’t the technology they have today.”  Steve has seen recruiters relying less on networking and more on technology, “recruiters will rely on posting on Social networks and databases rather than networking.” One thing that hasn’t changed is that Steve can always trust HR Search Partners to give him the right candidate first.






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