Regeena Jimenez – Relationships are the foundation upon which success is built…

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251c33aRelationships are the foundation upon which success is built, and Regeena Jimenez can attest to that.

Regeena is an accomplished human resources professional with more than 15 years of compensation experience and 17 years of HR experience. Regeena first contacted Nancy Zucker several years ago after she saw a job listing that Nancy had posted online.

Nancy’s guidance and expertise helped Regeena jump-start and build her career, assisting her with securing all of the jobs she’s had including her current role as the Director of Compensation at AdvantageCare Physicians. Each of the positions that Nancy assisted Regeena in landing were uniquely suited to Regeena’s background.

“Nancy is really my go-to person,” Regeena said. “She has a knack for remembering what her clients are looking for and calls whenever she finds a job that she feels best suits them.”

Nancy spent much time guiding and coaching Regeena, particularly in the early stages of her career. She would always give Regeena a breakdown of who she should expect to meet with, offering valuable details about the hiring manager and what to expect throughout the interview process.

“I’ve worked with other firms in the past, but none to the extent of Nancy’s firm,” Regeena said. “She is the first person I reach out to when considering a career move, and she always comes through for me.”

Regeena still remains in touch with Nancy, and highly recommends Nancy’s services to colleagues.

“Nancy offers a truly personalized service,” Regeena said, “and I’m always happy to send people her way.”


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