Juhi – Finding the Correct Puzzle Pieces for the Right Person

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juhiJuhi had the pleasure of first meeting Nancy nearly a decade ago through connections in the HR profession. Through Nancy, Juhi was able to secure a position as a consultant at a bank. Serving as Juhi’s go-to-person, Nancy greatly assisted Juhi in all her job placement needs. For Juhi, what sets Nancy apart from the rest of the competition is her tenacity and enthusiasm in helping to find the right position for the right person.

“It’s a good marriage between the client and the consultant,” Juhi said. “Nancy is very easy to work with and is really good at fitting the right puzzle pieces with each one of her clients.”

With Nancy’s assistance, Juhi was able to secure three large job placements throughout her career. The last being a consulting position at a video game studio.

“Nancy is very personable and caring,” Juhi said. “She is always available to bounce ideas off of. She listens and is very responsive. These are all qualities that set her apart from other recruiters.”

Juhi loves working with Nancy and says the upside is huge. As a contract recruiter, Juhi is able to work mainly from home, allowing her a great deal of flexibility and the ever so important work-life balance.

“It’s very important for recruiters to develop fruitful and meaningful relationships with job candidates, and Nancy does just that,” Juhi said. “Unlike many other recruiters, Nancy understands and values the true meaning of relationships.”

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