Jennifer Elgart – A fortunate LinkedIn connection request…

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unnamedA fortunate LinkedIn connection request in 2010 led Jennifer Elgart to one of the best opportunities of her career.  David Silverstein connected with Jennifer about an opportunity with Citibank which Jennifer “Nailed on the first interview.”  For close to three years after being hired she worked with an amazing group at Citi.  Since then David has been her go-to resource when she is considering a new opportunity.  “David really prepared me for my interview with Citi by knowing the personalities in the group and coaching me on how to interview with them.”  

Jennifer has seen quite a change in recruiting since she started a short decade ago.  “There are many more sites to search for resumes, new platforms like LinkedIn.  It used to just be Monster and Careerbuilder.”  

When asked why someone would use an agency like HR Search Partners Jennifer offered, “David knows his clients very well, knows their personality and can place them in the right environment.”  Jennifer describes David as “Outgoing, friendly and honest.  He wants what is best for his clients.  He isn’t always just trying to fill a role but more so getting his clients in the right place.”  Jennifer plans to stay in touch with David as long as she is in Human Resources, even if it’s just to catch up or say hello.

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