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Recruiting Biases

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We’re busy people and we just don’t have time to go through applications with a fine toothed comb. When a pool of candidates gets crowded, we’re wired to find disqualifiers to whittle down the pool. But, are we judging candidates a little too quickly or harshly? Are some of our biases preventing us from hiring potential superstars just because of a few minor mishaps? Here are some misdemeanors candidates commit that aren’t suicidal career moves and should not be treated like the crimes we have been making them out to be: Read More

Applying for Jobs is Painful

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We mentioned this in a previous post, we’re going to mention it again in this post, and we will keep mentioning it until corrective action takes place: job applications are painful for both candidates and HR. Jibe and Kelton released a survey last year saying that candidates would rather spend a whole day at the DMV or get a root canal rather than apply for a job online.

Let that sink in for a moment.

People would rather wait in a long line and deal with people notorious for their bad manners than apply for a job online. Read More

Maximize LinkedIn

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linkedin star   In a previous article, we detailed why LinkedIn is the best social network for both individuals and businesses to build relationships by comparing it to other networks. Building relationships is the umbrella term for creating a strong network, finding prospects, and engaging with your audience to further your professional goals. Here is how you can “hack” LinkedIn for maximum impact to forge strong relationships: Read More

Never Stop Improving Team

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steve jobs recruiting quoteSteve Jobs has said that hiring is hard because you’re trying to find and acquire the needles in the haystack. He apparently didn’t mention that it’s even harder to keep those needles sharp. One attribute that makes candidates needles in haystacks is that they never stop learning and trying to better themselves (as we have mentioned before in a previous blog post.) So what can you do as a manager or human resources professional to create an environment that fosters growth and learning? Here are some of the basics: Read More