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Why Are We Still Enduring Painful Hiring Processes?

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office space job application memeNobody likes pain, and we typically do everything in our power to minimize/ avoid it. So why do we as recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates subject ourselves to painful hiring processes? Do we actually enjoy the stress that comes from finding the best candidate for the job or the best job for us? Recruiters and candidates may be sitting on opposite sides of the table, but we’re in this together. Whether we are filling open roles with the right candidates or finding the right role for the next step in our career, we shouldn’t have to suffer through long, drawn-out, and painful hiring processes. Let’s put an end to that suffering. Here are some changes that can nullify the pain: Read More

If Your Interviewer Asks You These Questions, RUN!

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evil interviewerA job is a two-way street; an employer pays an employee for work that the employer couldn’t do otherwise. An interview is also a two-way street; candidates are expected to be candid about their credentials and personality, but hiring managers ALSO need to be candid and respectful about the position and company. If one or both parties withhold information, eventually the truth will come out and tensions will rise thus creating a more or less toxic environment. Hiring managers can do their part by NOT asking insulting questions, attempting to undermine or discredit anything a candidate could say.    Read More

5 Basic Principles Of Internship Programs

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InternInternships are the foundation upon which careers are built. But today’s internship model is far from perfect. From the class action lawsuit filed and later settled against Conde Nast to the latest controversy surrounding the overworked interns of the Olsen twins, interns have literally been worked to the brink of exhaustion. And these particular interns claimed to have worked more than 50 hours a week…without getting a paycheck or even college credit. Read More

Why you didn’t get the job :(

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one_size_does_not_fit_allEnduring unemployment is soul-crushing enough, but not getting an offer letter adds more salt to that freshly cut wound. If you’re going through this rejection right now, we truly are sorry that the company you interviewed with didn’t consider you a fit. You’re probably thinking that something is wrong with you or that you’re an unfit candidate, and you’d be ABSOLUTELY WRONG to think that! Don’t let rejection deter your efforts into finding a job that’s right for you. If you didn’t get an offer letter, here are some of the reasons why if they don’t explain the reasoning to you directly: Read More

Why candidates HATE recruiters

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Ugggg-recruiter        Even though we are living in a candidate-driven job market, it appears as though some of our fellow recruiters didn’t get the memo. Without candidates, recruiters can’t do their jobs. Recruiters need to do right by their client by doing right by your candidates. Otherwise, candidates won’t even bother going through us to begin with if they want to land a specific job (even if it’s one that we’re filling.) Here are five common complaints candidates have regarding recruiters. We need to know this so we don’t dare do this with future candidates. Read More

Jennifer Elgart – A fortunate LinkedIn connection request…

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unnamedA fortunate LinkedIn connection request in 2010 led Jennifer Elgart to one of the best opportunities of her career.  David Silverstein connected with Jennifer about an opportunity with Citibank which Jennifer “Nailed on the first interview.”  For close to three years after being hired she worked with an amazing group at Citi.  Since then David has been her go-to resource when she is considering a new opportunity.  “David really prepared me for my interview with Citi by knowing the personalities in the group and coaching me on how to interview with them.”   Read More

Want to attract top talent? Follow these steps…

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people magnet The title of this article is of course a rhetorical question; what hiring manager DOESN’T want and deserve top talent? We want the best people on our team so we can make wonders happen. But the reality of the situation is: unless you’re Apple, Facebook, Google, or any other top-tier company, then your company isn’t going to be an automatic top talent magnet. Employers aren’t fields of dreams; they (top talent) don’t just come as you need them in order to keep building up the company. So what do top candidates take into consideration when selecting companies they apply to? These are the top four items you cannot afford to skimp on when top talent is on the lookout for their next big role: Read More

The 6 Traits All Top Candidates Have

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How_To_Keep_Your_Top_Talent_HPAt any given point, you could have a vast array of job openings to fill. The amount of responsibilities within those roles is so staggeringly high, trying to find candidates that look like they can execute those responsibilities is enough to make your brain explode. Before you find yourself on a brink of a mental meltdown, take a step back and breathe. We won’t let you get to that point as there are better ways to analyze your candidates, specifically certain traits that the best candidates, regardless of their background, will be able to successfully demonstrate. Take note of these traits during the interview process: Read More